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Thread: Power problem with VORTEX 285

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    Power problem with VORTEX 285

    Hi guys,

    I was flying my Vortex 285 and it suddenly lost power and went down. I haven't had it long and so far I hadn't had any problems. I was close to the ground so no noticeable damage was done. When I tried to take off again, all the motors were spinning but there wasn't enough power. I change the battery but nothing changed. I ended up resetting the quad and went through the initial set up without problems but it did not help. All the lights both in the back and on the FC turn on as they are supposed. I opened it up and checked all the connections. All I could see was that the head of one of the screws which holds the FC was broken, so I replaced it. I could not find anything else wrong. Any idea what could be happening.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Are your battery's fully charged? If yes then pls contact repairs@immersionrc.com and see if they can help you.

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