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Thread: ezuhf for ground fpv veichle

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    ezuhf for ground fpv veichle

    i thought id make a new thread to get some ideas and thoughts on just rc radio antenna and set up for ground rcs. I have reached a point now where my frsky taranais is equips with a immersion ezuhf jr module, i have a dipole T shaped antenna on the transmitter and i have a 8channel lite immersion receiver equiped with a sanders antenna.

    my problem is range isn't great, being so low to the ground i think its struggling. anyways

    i was thinking to purchase the diamond antenna for my transmitter? I'm unsure if this will help but I've heard there great antenna.
    and i wanted to find a tall flexible antenna to come off the receiver which could be as long as possible. maybe 1meter in length would be about the maximum id be able to use practically. any links to antenna like this would be very helpful.

    any advise on these two antenna I've suggested would be great.

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    The Diamond is a great antenna. I have them on both of my txs. On the receiver I use a VAS coil loaded diapole. I can get about a third of a mile in my Traxxas XMax before I have to switch to high power on the EZUHF. This is through a mobile home park. If you are running thru grass and trees, you will probably get a little better range. However, ground fpv is a whole different ball game than air-based. I never had much luck with the sander type monopole on anything.

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    Have you tried the bazooka antenna for rx? Just thinking that looks better than the coil loaded

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