Hello, picked up a new QAV250 about a year ago that came with 4 of these ESCs. Everything was working fine, but I decided to move everything to a new frame. That was when the trouble started. After moving everything, one of the ESCs stopped working. I picked up a new one to replace this one and installed it yesterday. Now one of the other ESCs is not working. I am not sure if I have screwed these up possibly with firmware or something else while I was trying to troubleshoot. I was unaware of the custom firmware that these came with, so I connected them to BLHeliSUite and flashed BLHeli onto them. The odd thing is that the 2 that are not working are recognized fine with BlHeli Suite and I can flash them, I just get no output to the motor when I test via BLHeli Suite or in Cleanflight. I am flashing them via cleanflight or betaflight passthrough. I did calibrate these, so I hope that did not screw them up. Do you all think I should just pick up another one and go from there or try to figure out what is going on with the 2 that are not working? Is it possible to re-flash the SimonK firmware that they came with and if so where do I find that? I just think its really odd that both of the bad ESCs can communicate to BLHeli and are flashable, but have no motor output. Nothing looks or smells burnt on either of the ESCS and I have triple checked all of my wiring. Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.