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Thread: Help needed selecting DVR

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    Help needed selecting DVR

    Hi Everyone, hoping you can give some advice even though the application isn't FPV's as we seem to be getting nowhere with this. We are building a new portable 4 camera video system running off 12v to monitor things underwater, so the cameras (which are analog) will be hardwired etc and we need the usual DVR's and monitor screens. Getting sunlight readable monitor screens seems easy, but finding good portable DVR's seems to be a mission. Looking for 1 ch. DVR's as will get four of them to run four independent camera/DVR/monitors. Any recommendations as to what DVR's to get that can record good picture, have playback ability and are simple to use (preferably start recording as soon as they are powered up)? Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving us nuts!

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    Which things underwater will you monitor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by betty View Post
    Which things underwater will you monitor?
    Sharks-setting_up_some_fixed_cameras_on_a_cage_that_diver s_go_in_to_watch_great_white_sharks_in_the_ocean-crew_can_then_watch_the_action_from_the_boat_so_as _know_what_is_going_on_below.___For_some_reason_my _spacebar_won't_work_on_this_page!

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    Things like this run on 12v and have far better bit rate than the little FPV ones.
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    That zoom camera on their site is pretty sweet!!

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    I bought the RMRC version of the one happy Ket linked, Iíve had it for almost four years with absolutely zero issues. Iíve never messed around with settings to be able to say whether it does auto recording on start up.

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    The absolute best DVR is the one made by Lumenier. AND if you ever use it to record via VTX to VRX it won't drop frames, like almost every DVR out there does... (internal Fatshark dvr).

    Hope this helps!

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