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Thread: Switching systems, need advice

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    Switching systems, need advice

    Hello, I only have a DJI Phantom 4 experience in the past, never was a racer, all I currently want is to build a peaceful middle-size drone with basic cinematic abilities.

    I read about the Tango + Unify + Core + Crossfire Diversity combo and it promises to solve my main problem since I moved from Phantom 4: bulky gadgets.

    As of now I have a Futaba 14 transmitter with Boscam FPV receiver and 7" field monitor, and Tx amplifier and LiPo battery, all slapped together on some metal support and this construction is too bulky and heavy.

    I like the idea of having only one nice and clean transmitter with integrated screen and fpv receiver and already boosted range.

    So, I have three main questions:

    1. Is is ok for me (non-racer) to go this way? I think yes, but maybe I am missing something since I didn't see any mainstream people with such setup.

    2. I also read about the FPVision. It says it combines Unify + Core Pro OSD. Does that mean that I can simply purchase FPVision and eliminate the need in Core and Unify? Will the functionality be the same? I have NAZA M V2 now and I want the OSD and FPV to be provided by FPVision.

    3. Is it ok (again, for a non-racer) to use Colibri or other TBS-native FC controller? This way I could use capabilities of other TBS modules more extensively. What I need from it is GPS, Return To Home, and emergency switch off. And reliability overall to entrust a rather expensive camera to it. Probably that's all.

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    OK I got it sorted out.
    TBS FPVision will only work in connection with TBS PowerCube stack including FC on top of that. So to work with third-party FCs separate OSD and FPV modules are needed such as Core and Unify.
    The only thing left to clear is whether TBS Colibri is suitable for non-racer GPS-enabled drone. If yes, a full stack could be build with PowerCube and FPVision.
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