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Thread: Slow down vendetta

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    Slow down vendetta

    Ok so I've been flying my syma x5 since last year. I bumped up to a zeyrok witch is faster than x5. So I bought a vendetta and holy sh@* it's just too fast for me right now. Is there any way to slow this thing down for me to learn some speed control? I.e. Smaller battery, or such. Or should I just build/buy a medium speed drone? I thought about just weighing the frame down with weights but I'm not sure which direction to take. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    I started off flying an ImpulseRC Helix so I understand the too fast thing haha

    It'll probably help you with throttle management to be able to fly it well at the power level its at now. Just practice! Otherwise there may be a way to limit throttle on the transmitter, but I'm not sure how? If you're using a 4s pack you can go down to a 3s and that'll definitely help slow it down. But like I said I recommend learning to manage your throttle better rather than slowing the quad down, it'll be worth it in the long run.

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    Thank yoy for the reply......I guess you're right. More time at the park.. yeah

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    Can't you throw some dual rates and expo on there, so you flatten the curve a bit around the center?
    That should make a little bit more controllable.
    Do it on the Roll and Pitch axes.

    Only helps it being reactive on the controls though, doesn't help it being light and fast.
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