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Thread: Is it possible to increase the volume of the beep? Vortex 285

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    Is it possible to increase the volume of the beep? Vortex 285

    Just wondering if its possible to increase the volume of the beep on the Vortex 285?
    I tend to lose the little bugger in tall grass and its hard to find. Is there an alternative to the beep? Perhaps a tag that works with the IPhone????

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    any of the 'locating' tags will work... well to the extent that the particular tag does work a regular lost model beeper works really great for the cheaper items.

    I use 'Loc8tor' tags for most of my smaller quads, but for longer range stuff fmkit's trackers work great also there are plenty of other alternatives out there and lots of threads on the subject right here on the lab just for the searching

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    You can t increase beeper volume but you can try to change the frenquency that can help you a little ( do that on osd)
    the 285 beeper is not so loud so tags can do the job

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    Change the frequency to around 3000Hz, just listen to where it is the loudest by changing the frequency up/down.
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