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Thread: DIY 1.3 GHz Crosshair Antenna RHCP

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    DIY 1.3 GHz Crosshair Antenna RHCP

    Hello all,

    I'm wanting to build a 1.3 GHz 10dBic Crosshair Antenna RHCP but I cannot find the measurements anywhere on the internet.

    I've also tried to find a calculator to work out all the dimensions but again I cannot find anything.

    Can anyone tell me the measurements or tell me how to work them out for 1.3ghz?

    I found this but all the links to the documents are no longer valid.

    There seems to be some good info on here but I need to work out all the measurements etc.


    Thanks in advance :-)

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    Follow my instructions found here: http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread....tenna-tutorial!

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    Thank you Alex,

    I have seen that thread but the links didn't work. It seems they're all fixed now!

    I appreciate you replying me so quickly and such a legend :-)

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