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Thread: Gearbest's 3rd Anniversary Party :) Discounts, Gifts and Contests, You're invited!

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    Gearbest's 3rd Anniversary Party :) Discounts, Gifts and Contests, You're invited!

    Hello friends, in Gearbest they are ready for the party !! Have prepared a few cool things to celebrate their Third Birthday
    Apart from special offers these days, they will also organize some Games and contests for the members .. it can be fun to participate.

    If you do not have an account at Gearbest, you can make yours HERE, it's totally Free and you can participate in all activities.

    Here is a small summary of the new sections that are already active. (If I see new ones I'll add them)
    Many offers, will be available only some units, so prepare the alarm on the phone !! Being fast is fundamental to being able to catch them.
    All times are UTC.

    Gearbest is Coming! And have opened this section, where they will spend different things as the days go by.

    The countdown is almost over !! From now on there are offers that finish only in one day, so it is advisable to look at the products that interest you most, if they are discounted.

    Main Pages where the Bids will appear:

    Hig Performance RC @ Gearbest
    Link to section:

    Spring RC Savings @ Gearbest
    Link to section:
    1 The Great Event

    Link :

    1. Preheating with varied offers. From March 9 @ 02: 00h to March 14 @ 09: 00h The account has been started! And while they have already put some things in discount ..
    2. 3rd Anniversary Event. From March 14 @ 09: 00h to March 18 @ 09: 00h Here starts offers on all sides sides, It is best to take a tour of your favorite sections and look if the products you want are discounted . We are talking in some cases of more than 70% discount, the best brands and flagship articles of more than 20 categories.
    3. Gearbest After-Party From March 20 @ 02: 00h Relax, it's almost over. Everyone knows that afters is where the real party is! For those who are more alert, they have prepared offers for $ 0.99 and an epic Battle of the Marches.

    2. Offers of flash lightning
    Daily flash offers from 9 to 20 March @ 16:00 daily
    They ensure that every day they blow prices on 8 different products. (Few units of each of them at 4:00 pm)
    * Be alert to see if you are interested, you have to be fast to fly.
    3. Lucky Bag
    Promotion of Bags of luck. They assure that the value of the products is superior to the one that is going to pay for the bag.
    They change them daily "I think the intrigue lasts until you receive the package".
    * Read each bag well to know what it is about what they bring inside, as they are not always related to RC.

    You can see the new Bag of Luck here.
    And here I leave links to the 3 types of surprise bags that I found active for the moment:
    1. Bag 1 Lucky Bag
    2. Bag 2 Lucky Bag
    3. Bag 3 Lucky Bag

    4. Add-ons
    For those who have placed an order higher than $ 60, you can choose a product at $ 3.33. It is worth looking if there is something that interests us after having made our purchases.
    They can be seen in the section " awesome Add-ons "
    5. Good offers by categories:
    1. Direct link to some sections:
    2. TOys & hobbyes gifts
    6. * Find the rest of the sections here
    6. Gearbest Draws:
    They have prepared some games to get products and discounts. Participate now and have good luck
    1. GearBest Lucky Draw Everyone has 3 free boxes to open.
      * You can get more boxes by following the instructions.
    2. Birthday Cake Game
      Try to light up 8 birthday candles to bring a gift. Tell your friends to help you (so easy)
    7. The GB Live Show
    Join this epic Battle Webcast! Use any product purchased in gearbest and record your video. Tell your friends to vote for it and win the best! Coupons and prizes will also be available to viewers during the live bardacast event. Do not miss it!
    link to the section:

    8. Coupon Monzón third aniversarion Gearbest

    Get exclusive coupons (per user) See if there is something for the categories that interest you.
    Direct link to the section:
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    THe good oferts start to apear friends FuriBee F36 por €11.80

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    Updated first post with new Luck bags and new Rc section section

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    Count Down is nearly to finish! stay tuned :P

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    Some of the offers that I have seen more interesting at the moment in this Anniversary of Gearbest..

    Syma X8SW € 75.08!
    Hubsan X4 H502S 720P € 127.27
    Hubsan H501S X4 ADVANCE VERSION Black € 215.17!
    Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless White € 187.70!
    DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter Use the code " MavicPro " € 1189.46 !!
    SIMTOO Dragonfly Drone Pro € 365.35
    MJX B3 Bugs 3 Use the code " Bugs3 " € 81.49

    a greeting

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