Any help rebuilding the main board?

A couple years ago the plug that was attached to the main board that goes to the current sensor came un-soldered. Most of the pad separated form the board along with the plug. I should have tried to do a warranty but i am stubborn and wanted to try to fix it.

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I made a feeble attempt at re soldering them back on and surprisingly it worked, I wasn't going to put it into an expensive plane, but it would work for an OSD. I kind of dropped the project for a year or so and forgot about it.

Well I was wiring it up the other night and everything was functioning ok, I was working on getting the auto leveling set up and it just went out (no surprise) no video no power to vtx no lights nothing
After testing I have de-soldered everything and started over, but with very little luck this time.

This is what i ended with last night.

Any help on how to "repair" this board where it is not completely useless?
I figure if I can just find out where to power 5 and 12 volt and ground that it should work if I haven't fried anything (fingers crossed).
I got it to power 12 volts and light up the VTX, but don't think i have the correct 5 volt or 5 volt ground connection. Should it be different that the 12 volt ground?

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