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Thread: FPV video turns black when arming

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    FPV video turns black when arming

    I've had some video/osd problems with my 5" build and finally thought that I had fixed them, but of course not and I really need your help.
    The thing was before that the OSD (integrated in PDB: Realacc / Matek HUBOSD) restarted everytime I punched the throttle and sometimes the whole video got black. So I got a replacement part from banggood and installed it last week. I went out flying today and it flew beautifully the first two batteries. BUT, when I plugged in the 3rd I couldn't arm the quad without the video turning black. I'll leave a link showing the problem. Has anyone here any idea what could be the case?? I didn't crash or change anything before this happened. When I disarm the video comes back in under 1 sec, and no OSD restart. Could the PDB filter failed again, so random..
    The PDB/OSD has integrated filters etc and I use a big capacitor (1000 microF, 35V, low esr), Aomway Mini 5.8Ghz 200mW 32CH, and Runcam camera. Happens with both 3S and 4S.
    My only hope is that the vtx is bad somehow, but why would it turn black when arming?? Or could it be that the PBD/OSD is failing again?

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