Here's a comparison of what you see with standard analog resolution (GF540TVL) versus an HD cam on an fpv ground station:

Unfortunately I can't show any air images yet, as we were doing some pre-testing for launch last weekend and some issues arose, like intermittent link failure due to a bad plug and some other software tweaks that became necessary ( video recording causing 100% CPU load, etc... ). Good news is that in this wifi-free environment the video comes through perfectly without the same amount of jitter or problems (except for the link failure).

The new HMZ-T1's allow you to see the entire HD image perfectly clear, all letters and symbols are readable. HD gives you more pixels, but the question has to be asked whether that's worth the complexities that it brings. The amount of equipment requires one more person to bring the stuff into the field. You lose a lot of 'feeling' with the aircraft in its environment and only get some 'quality/qos numbers' back, where you don't know the algorithm behind them or whether they're really based on something substantial about that link quality. (I'm actually considering to render in some image noise depending on my own algorithm of what link quality means, which should provide a much better alert than this stupid link quality bar.)

Btw... the cam lens cannot be focused correctly apparently. The chromatic aberration in the tree branches clearly show that it's inferior to even a gopro. So the HD image is fuzzy due to the lens, causing the encoder to overcompress some areas, which lead to more fuzziness... It should be possible to get this to the same level of sharpness as gopro, although gopro files on the sdcard should be around crf 18 (x264), whereas this is 23/24. May have to upgrade from 1.3MP to 2MP and definitely get a better lens.

Anyway... next weekend should be the maiden... weather allowing. Wish me luck, or otherwise a very quick death for this project so I can carry on at least .