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Thread: Sputnik 5.8ghz Antenna

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    Sputnik 5.8ghz Antenna

    I decided to call it Sputnik for the mean time.

    This is my very first antenna I came up with while I'm balancing my life.

    I am not a graduate of any Radio tech, so please don't kill me.

    I initially built one without going to 4nec2 first because I don't know how to use it.
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    and tested it around 150 to 200m with bunch of tall coconut trees. Flew around it to test the penetration and I was surprised, I didn't saw any static feed so I was happy about it.
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    I finally decided to learn 4nec2 in terms of modeling the antenna, but I cannot fully understand what the values should I look for to say this antenna is "OK" I am hoping you guys can help me, what you see? Is this a good antenna?

    SWR 2.1
    Efficiency 100% (is this WOW?)
    Radial-eff 118%

    Thank you
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    Look interesting, I will follow this thread closely. Keep working.

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    This is very similar to an antenna I worked on in 2011 I called "Bluppnik" after Blupp and I started developing it. Sadly, I abandoned it as I couldn't get the performance I wanted. Let me know how your antenna works. Hopefully it will work out better than mine did.

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