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Thread: TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V2 Video Stops After a few seconds

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    TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V2 Video Stops After a few seconds

    Second time trying to make this post. Not sure what happened to my other post.

    I'm having an issue with my TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V2 SMA. After plugging in the quad, the Unify Pro will produce perfect video for about 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, the video will cut out. Also, at the same time the video cuts out, I can hear a sound the VTX is producing, changes pitch.

    I have the Unify Pro powered off of a Matek Mini Power HUB with BEC 5V & 12V. It's connected to 5v. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thank you,


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    Hey TBS.. I'm having a similar issue on this new build. I have a Matek PDB with BEC 5v & 12v. The TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V2 is running off the 5v connection at 200mw setting.

    When the unit is on for a few seconds it gets too hot and it even burned off the plastic heat shrink.

    Unit still works but I cant leave it on for more than 20 seconds or it gets too hot and burns whatever is insulating it.. I've even tried running it off the KISS ESC +5v pads, but the video flakes out and shows lines. I don't think the KISS ESC can run this VTX.

    It's definitely not normal, Please help!
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    Same issue with hv version. I really want to be able to use smart audio with my osd but I've had nothing but issues with these unify pros.

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    Seems like guys you're having issues because of the faulty Matek board. Yesterday I faced an issue with my VTX (of different brand) which didn't want to start up when powered from 5V BEC pads of Matek Mini Power Hub 5V & 12V. At the same time while being powered from different source, it works like a charm. So first check your Matek boards, then blame TBS VTXs.

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