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Velcro is fine. Yes, you can go a little deeper than the existing depression just to be sure it'll be flush once completed and attached. There are also 3d parts available that use O rings to attach and other methods, but the Velcro works great and allows the wings to disconnect in a wreck, absorbing energy and often times saving the frame much damage. Another good idea is to glue the servo connector from the receiver or flight controller in the side of the fuse, sticking out slightly. Then cut out a pocket in the side of the wing where the servo wire comes out so you can connect the servo and stuff in the excess wire. That way, if the wing disconnects in a failed launch or crash, it doesn't rip the lead out of your controller, or worse, the servo.

Hi Scott. I have printed the dog bone 3d parts, but not really sure how they will perform so am planning to go with the velcro to start with. Thanks for the heads up on the servo interface on the fuselage, I have gone this route, so all should be good once I have added the velcro.