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Thread: Dianmu OSD mind of its own.

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    Dianmu OSD mind of its own.

    Hello, I apologize if this topic has come up before. I searched the forum but could not find anyone with the same issue i am having. I currently have the Quanum Observer plane equipped with the Dianmu OSD. I'm using Fatshark attitude TX and RX and Turnigy 9XR PRO transmitter and the 9X receiver. I have everything installed nicely in the plane and everything seems to work well on the bench. All my trim on the plane is flat and i have good response. I went ahead and calibrated the OSD as the manual states and when in manual mode i have full control. When i click over to A1 the ailerons and elevator seem to adjust nicely as i tip the plane. Once i click RTH the plane also adjust accordingly. So all seems to be well. Here is the problem, once i get the plane into the air i maintain a great image in the goggles and the OSD is displayed nicely. I have only tried the plane in manual mode but it seems once its in the air the plane has some unusual characteristics, almost like the Dianmu is causing problems with my ailerons. I notice the plane will randomly turn hard either left or right and i have to constantly correct. I have almost crashed the plane twice now and i am afraid to take the plane back up. I have bypassed the Dianmu completely and the plane fly's great, so i know there is no issue with my 9XR PRO or the receiver. Anyway i'm guessing i either didn't calibrate correctly or something is no hooked up correctly. I will say a buddy of mine has a different plane with different gear except the Dianmu being the same and he is having the same problems. Yes i installed that one as well so i agree it is user error. I'm just trying to figure out what i did wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again!

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    Even if anyone could run me through how to calibrate and maybe set my PID (pitch and roll values) that would be helpful. Or even anyone that has installed and set one up and has it working in their plane, could maybe run through how they did so? Thank you!

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    Anyone have any ideas?

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