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Thread: 1.3GHz 400mW VS 1.3 Ghz 800mW Transmiters

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    I had a 200mW video transmitter poop out after 3/4 of a mile. Of course when I landed and tested it, I found it was putting out just 2mW...

    The 400mW units have been the most solid I have used so far... this coming from a man with an 87 video transmitter kill count... it is depressing.

    As for filters, I'd run a cheap notch filter:

    Antennas: A Blue beam Ultra set will go much farther than your control can go. A cheaper option which will still take you several miles is a BlueBeam whip antenna set:

    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that.

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    Like that convo, hitting my quad's limit on TX range is always a worry...even tho it's supposed to slowly cut throttle. I didn't know you could use 1.3 gig anymore, especially not down in high Meg. Hate hate hate the 5.8 (a limb! Really?)and am scared of the 2.3.

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