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Thread: Looking for a good indoor FPV quad

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    Looking for a good indoor FPV quad

    Hello guys
    Have been flying fixed wings for 25 years+ and have played around with very small indoord quads for a while - recently bought the Inductrix fpv, and found out that it was FUN.
    But, the Inductrix FPV is currently waiting for some spare parts (new airframe) as I flew it into something very hard.....

    I Would like something a little bigger, with more than 4 min of flighttime, but at the same time, it should not be to big to scare my fellow pilots when we fly indoor.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Forgot to say that I want to use it for some fun FPV racing - remember I am new to Drone FPV, but have been flying indoor fpv with my indoor fixed wing planes.
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    FuriousFPV is coming out with the Moskito70, currently available for pre-order Spektrum and Frsky versions.

    You could also print a 2s Lipo Inductrix style for 8.5mm motors and 40mm props.

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    Hello again
    Have looked around and found this
    Any opinions about this ?

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    Not really. I never tried that one.

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    You could try the hoverbot.

    We just released it recently and it's lots of fun. Good flight time and very strong

    Also doesn't have weird drag effects from ducts in forward flight which is nice

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    Try this one!

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    don't let the price fool you, E011 is surprisingly good.

    My favorite "feature" of the E011 is that if something breaks/wears out/causes it to start flying funny, you can pitch the entire quadcopter into the trash and just get a new one for $15. I haven't had any issues with mine so far.
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