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Thread: Need help with first build!

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    Cool Need help with first build!

    Hi guys, i have flown a few drones for a while (mainly my bebop2) and now want to build a fpv drone. I have watched heaps of vids and read up on the process but would like to clarify with someone experienced that what i'm about to purchase is suitable. I am mainly after a drone to fly all the time that is very quick and acrobatical (similar to mr steeles)
    I have 5 multistar 1400 mah 14.8v 4s batteries and fatshark v3 goggles so far...

    pls see attached images of what i have chosen so far and if there is anything i need to add or upgrade.

    Cheers!Click image for larger version. 

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    Hmm, wondering why you're not getting any replies.

    Is forum not very active? I haven't been on here in a while. Either way, I wouldn't be of much help as I'm fairly new to the hobby myself. Good luck on your endeavor.

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    I think its less about the frame and more about the fc motors and props. You could codge together a quad out of scrap laying around the garage and fly like Mr. Steele with the right skillz and electronics.

    1400 4s would be a 250 sized quad. Cobra 1800kv motors would be the "vanilla" build for that size of a quad.

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