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Thread: Vortex 285 Wont Arm

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    Vortex 285 Wont Arm

    I have had this 285 for several months. I gave up playing with it trying to get it to arm a while ago but now I am back. I can access the wizard at will and I restart the Tx wizard as well, it does not matter how often, the thing will not arm for whatever reason. I can see the leds change color if I move the throttle stick to full but it will not arm at all. My understanding is that low and right will arm the quad with the throttle stick but I have no luck. I am using a spektrum satellite receiver, it is properly bound to a DX6i radio using the special cable to the receiver. I have tried to see the radio inputs using cleanflight but doing that just brings me to the CLI screen, using baseflight I can see the sensors responses but cannot see the radio inputs moving when I move the sticks on the radio.

    I will appreciate any help someone can give me.


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    Take a look at the other thread we are discussing and see if you can arm after following those instructions.

    If you still cant then go here and do everything he does, this is how i got mine to arm when i first bought it.

    Yes this is for an SBUS receiver but it may help with regards to the END POINTS which is where I was going wrong.

    if this dosnt do it then try this:

    Let me know how you go. Dont give up on it, get it working because its worth it.

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    This too may help you.

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    Those video's should get you in the air if not pls report back.

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