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Thread: Multiple Models, Same Receiver

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    Multiple Models, Same Receiver

    Hey Guys,

    I can't think of a reason that this wouldn't work, but if there is a reason, I'm looking for it here. I have found that I can easily bind the same receiver to many different models on my radio (and even found that receivers that I haven't bound to with a particular model will still control it). So say I power up 2 models at once, each with different DL receivers, one model will control both, even though it's never been bound to that model.

    But, my question is, does anyone see a reason that I shouldn't swap receivers between models? Basically, I have a plane that has a V2 receiver mounted in it now with dual lock (removable, kinda like velcro). Basically, I am building 3 planes right now, but do not want to invest in 3 more v2 receivers (I already have 4 of them) as it's only a matter of time before I upgrade to V3 DL - so I don't want to put any more into V2. So, I was going to set up a model for each (obviously) and bind to all of them, then just simply swap whenever I wanted to fly each model. The receiver itself holds no model memory, it's simply getting channel assignment and trim settings from the radio model settings - so I can think of no reason why this wouldn't work fine. Can you? Thanks!

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    This will work just fine as long as you ensure that you gook up the servo leads correctly each time. I have actually done this with LRS... as they simply receive the PPM signal from the radio, a quick swap of the Tx and Rx and I can go from Range Link to Ez UHF to OpenLRS without a hitch (as long as the servos are plugged into the correct spot).
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    Right... That was my thinking - that's a mistake I would make. I use ppm on most, but 2 of the 3 that I'm building will be regular, standard builds, so it won't just be ppm and rssi - I'm actually going to have to remember how I set it up. My plan is to either take a picture of the proper setup as stick it in the battery bay for when I need it, or just mark the servo cables. That's a mistake I would make... Done it before with my drak after removing the wings for a long transport - reversed them after assembling. Easy to forget things you don't do all the time, and easy for me to be too used to things working well and forgetting to pre-flight

    Thanks man.

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    Will work, PPM or not. It worked on my old 2.4g Futaba 6EX when I was into planes. I was labeling signal wires with permanent marker- one dot for CH1, 2 dots for CH2 and so on, but later wasn't arsed to mess with wires each time and started glueing servo connectors together. To replace Rx became a matter of only one big 6x3pin connector
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