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Thread: ELFIE JJRC H37 - Mini Pocket drone - Foldable - Selfie Drone + Unboxing + Review

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    ELFIE JJRC H37 - Mini Pocket drone - Foldable - Selfie Drone + Unboxing + Review

    Hello friends, I want to present to the last dron who has joined the songoland family.
    Today I will talk about JJRC ELFIE or H37 , a dron that is in the line of portable drones, as we know the pocket drones are popular this days.
    And I am sure we will see a rapid evolution in this model and others similar.
    First of all, I want to make it clear that this dron is Toy type. If you buy it thinking that you will have a Zerotech Dobby of 300 € for just over 30 €,
    It is not like this.
    I have read reviews on the internet of people trying to compare them or saying that this ELFIE is a copy of Zerotech. Nothing could be further from the truth..
    Maybe its shape is similar, since both are Pocket drones, but once seen the physical resemblance, the differences beginning with the price are clear.

    JJRC Elfie is a very innovative dron, I would say of the best pocket there is currently. It has a built-in camera for taking pictures and videos and
    for my surprise it is comfortable to fly. As you know, comes with no command, is used from a smartphone with an app, from there you have all the options
    and modes available. More portable drone is impossible. Thanks to its design of folding legs is easy to carry, has the size of a phone and weighs little.

    Unboxing video

    Package Contents:
    1 x RC Drone,
    1 USB charger
    4x spare propeller
    1x Carrying bag
    1x instructions

    360 Flips
    This little one is able to do tricks and stay so wide! At first you may seem a bit confused but you are accustomed to piloting drones with the phone.
    It is never the same as with the command, but the truth that in JJRC have done a great job with the software developed for the control of stunts in this pocket dron.

    Back home.
    This dron, which does NOT have GPS, uses the same technology as its big btothers to return home automatically, with the press of a key, the ELFIE Will
    return the phone with which it has been paired. For this function to work correctly, the same control and dron position must be maintained in which it was at the
    time of being paired. Remember that it has no GPS and is the only way the dron has to be able to go back home.

    FPV and camera
    Thanks to the App for the phone, we can have a FPV vision via wifi, from the camera of ELFIE 720P, So we can visualize on screen what the dron sees before taking
    a picture and recording video.

    This H37, comes without controller, is controlled directly with the mobile phone, just download the application and once installed, connect to the network wifi which
    generates the dron. This way you can control all the functions you have and your different flight modes. The system has been greatly improved, making the drive by this jjrc ,,
    thanks to its altitude control is easier than ever. With a little practice you can get some pretty funny flights.

    Automatic take-off.
    Another of the functions to emphasize in that small, is the automatic detachment. One touch of the button and the ELFIE will begin to fly in front of you.

    Headless Mode
    Of course, this pocket drone offers the possibility of flying in "headless mode" A mode that works quite well and they already have more than good
    Tested jjrc manufacturers.

    The battery:
    It assembles a battery of 3.7V 500mAh of elongated form, that perfectly withstands a few short flights before having to be recharged. Hurry up
    To the maximum I got about 10 minutes of flight, in good conditions and flying quiet.

    My Conclusion:
    Well I think we are facing a dron, very interesting, pocket, laptop and lime, it shocks me a bit that I sell it as a dron to do selfies, it is true
    That has camera, but neither is that it is of a very good quality. If maybe to take some aerial photo, or record some funny video, but let's be realistic, the strength
    of this dron is not his camera.
    I think the best thing that this dron offers us, is its innovative design, with retractable legs, easy to carry and resistant. Without a controller to load, It's great to be
    able to fly anywhere, without the need to worry about where you're taking it. I bet on these models, it is clear that there is still much way to go, but simulate back,
    we will see that in the last half year there have been many advances in small drones, and some work really well.
    I think that very soon you get a big boom of all these pocket folding models, the APPs work better and manufacturers do not stop trying new things.
    So I think this dron is perfect for anyone who wants to have a first contact with this class of drones. This is a funny candidate for me.

    Breaking news:
    JJRC has pulled out a pink model. Which is available shortly.
    Link to pink:

    Buying links and other interesting links:
    Spares jjrc:
    Improvements to 3D printing:
    My other RC:

    Technical specifications:
    Brand Name: JJRC
    Type: Quadcopter
    Model: H37 ELFIE
    Features: Controlled by phone, WiFi FPV
    Engine type: Engine brushed
    Functions: 3D Capability, Camera, Forward / Backward, FPV, Gravity Direction Control, Headless Mode, One-Touch Return, One-
    Side-scrolling, Left / right turn, Up / down, WiFi connection, With light
    Built-in Gyro: 6-axis Gyro
    Night Flight: Yes
    Material: Electronic components, plastic
    Level: Beginner level
    Remote Control: WiFi Remote Control
    Channel: 4 Channels
    Detailed control distance: About 100m
    Power Transmitter: No transmitter included
    Battery: 3.7V 500mAh (built-in)
    Flight time: 8-15mins
    Charging time (h): approximately 45 minutes
    Video Resolution: 720p
    Dimension and weight
    Product Weight: 0.073 kg
    Package weight: 0.262 kg
    Product Size (W x H x D): 6.50 x 13.50 x 2.50 cm / 2.56 x 5.31 x 0.98 inches
    Package Size (W x H x D): 15.50 x 8.80 x 6.00 cm / 6.1 x 3.46 x 2.36 inches

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by escottc View Post
    Thanks for sharing.
    you are wolcome escottc , agretting

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    HI friends, i have made a new video of how to use the app of the Elfie H37 drone, easy to apair and set up.

    A gretting and nice weekend

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    hi friends , here i leave another video i do of this elfie H37 , an outdoor flight.


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    Hi friends, I leave here a new video that I have done repairing the engine of my ELFIE H37, The other motors it have are even the ones brought from the factory. I have some nice crashes on it and it steel working well, until I hit it hard last time. I've burned an engine. Fortunately he already had the spare part and it has been a matter of minutes to repair it. It is fly nice naw as always.

    Video replacing Engine on my Elfie Dron fildable.

    a greetign and nice weekend to all

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