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Thread: Free IMU (not actually free) But cool project

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    Free IMU (not actually free) But cool project

    Any idea of how well this works? I am thinking of using it for my first quad build, looking for something a little better than this project:

    Now from first glance the FreeIMU has accelerometers and a baro to help it, the KK Plus is only gyros.

    If it only has gyros why not go with something like this for 1/2 the price?

    More research needs to be done, but just looking for your guys opinions, I have no clue what im talking about anyway


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    The FreeIMU has an MPU6050, which is a 3 axis gyro and accelerometer

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    First you should decide which flight controller (FC) board you want to use and which software you want to run. That will more or less dictate which IMU you can use. KK boards in general only use gyro's. More advanced FC's has support for various IMU's, but they tend to be supporting only a limited number of IMUs, hence the need to pick FC before getting the remaining electronics.

    Megapirate is one software package which supports some of the FreeIMU boards. I believe that MultiWii also some support for the FreeIMU boards. Both those run fine on the Flyduino FC.

    - Thomas

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    If you aren't looking for something too sophisticated i would suggest you buy the Hk one. I have been using for half a year for FPV and AP and just works great,just set carefully the gyro gains (sensitivity) and it can be really stabe.
    Check out my channel to see how it works caring the gopro.
    Link below:
    I only crash for educational purposes

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