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Thread: Need some help please Lumenier FM-4006

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    6s is a lot of power to be runnin through 740kv motors. I would think 4s would be more suitable, no? 740kv x 22.2v= 16428 rpm's.

    740kv x 14.8v = 10,952 rpm's. I would think with 11" props the 4s would be the best results and more efficient.
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    I was hoping you would say nah don't worry you can never have enough power lol

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    I think you'll be surprised how sporty it will be on 4S. Whatever lipo you plan on using, just get as high a C rating that the dimensions of the disco will allow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omar157 View Post
    No the motors are new but they come with low quality bearings. This way I can document the birds performance and battery life before and after the bearings.
    Make sense then
    Quote Originally Posted by Omar157 View Post
    Does anyone know what would happen if I ran a 6s battery on the FM-4006 motors. T-motor says 6s is fine 12" props and smaller but I just ran the numbers on ecalc and got lots of red flags
    If my Google doesn't lie then them motors are rated 3-4s. You can run higher cell count on most brushless motors as long as you don't exceed max wattage and amp draw stated on paper, which is 250W and 24A for them motors. From pushing all the limits with my miniquad speed record I can roughly guess that you can put ~350W and ~30A on them motors at max throttle on 6s without toasting them as you're not gonna go at WOT all the time.
    But either way 12" looks way too big for 6s. If it recommends 11x5.5 max for 4s, then on 6s even 10" might be too big.
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