I recently discovered a load problem with my Runcam2

Indeed, when I put the usb cable to charge, it does not load every time.
I also noticed that when I press certain locations on the case of runcam, this one begins to load ... and stops charging when I released.
This is clearly a bad contact problem (on the battery connections).

Is there a solution to fix the bug you say?
I suggest you arm yourself with your Phillips screwdriver and a small piece of foam (I always use foam with both sides sticky, easy to hold it in place).

1. Remove the battery cover, battery and unscrew the 2 screws of the lens cover and the 4 screws maintains the case.

2. Open the top plate of runcam 2 (the one on which there are buttons)

3. Locate the white connector on the warp which is connected to the sensor module / lens

4. Place this connector on a small piece of foam (or other thick) as pictured.

5. Replace the cover, replace the lens cover, replace all, replace the battery and the battery cover.

6. Test ... magic, magic ... it works !!!

For french speaking you can find the original post on http://pimousse.be/index.php/2016/12...eme-de-charge/