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Thread: TBS Disco with alum arms

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    TBS Disco with alum arms

    Hey everyone, I wanted to install standard size aluminum DJI type arms on my disco , not extended size, nobody has them, not even aimdroix. So my question is what would you guys recommend for alum standard size arms for my disco, any help would be appreciated, Thanks.......

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    Don't do that, they have just disadvantages. I fly a QAV540g with Alu-Arms...

    - The have a bad vibration behaviour, they don't damp them. They just forward or even enlarge them.
    - Hard landing bends them, and once they are bended, you will never get them straight again. Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass is either straight, or it breaks. It will never be bended.
    - They block RF (like Carbon Fiber).
    - They're heavier than Glass reinforced plastic or carbon fiber
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