- RotorRatings is the new name for
- Star Ratings, Reviews and Thousands of Prices
- Open Source
- Product Comparison
- Store Ratings based on Value, Customer Service and Shipping
- Brand Listings
- No censorship/No deleted reviews/No sponsored reviews
- Improved search and Filtering
- RSS Feeds
- Build Lists
- Wishlist

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Many of you have signed up for, this is the evolution of that site. All the parts and prices you submitted, and your user account have been copied over to the new site, visit to get a new password.

You can now search, filter, compare, build, rate and review thousands of parts! I also added stores, which can be rated on their customer service, shipping, and value for money. I hope one day the store ratings become like TripAdvisor, where your voice is heard by the store.

The site is open source, it's built on Drupal, if you know html, javascript, css or php, then you can help it evolve. You can also submit parts, prices and help me decide on which new categories to include.

If you like reviewing stuff, you can post your YouTube video review along with your star rating.

I have great features planned for the future, check out the "about" page for a roadmap.

The bad news: your build lists could not be copied over from the old site to the new, sorry about that. You've probably completed those builds now anyway, so go ahead and create some new build lists.

Tell me what else you want to see. Email: or leave a comment below.

The site also serves as a historical archive for the community, showing what parts where available and popular month by month, year by year.

The site is the worlds largest database of drone parts.

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