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Thread: Micro Bec: Are they reliable?

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    Micro Bec: Are they reliable?

    I have noticed the emergence of very small BECs, such as the the Diatone 2A BEC (only ~ 2g) from . These BECs are typically based around the MP2307 regulator chip or similar.

    I was wondering how are they able to provide nearly the same current as a conventional switching BEC (weighs ~ 10g e.g., while being so small. Are they less reliable? Do they lack a heat sink? Has anyone tried powering servos off one of these?

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    Well, I don't know if I'd use one as a main BEC as they aren't shielded and probably put out a lot of "noise". But I actually used one today (pololu 5V dropdown with a max input of 42 v) and yeah, they're tiny and quite handy when you don't have a lot of room. I'm not big on the technical side of the hobby, but I can tell you that I connected it directly to a 14.8 volt power supply and am powering 16 LEDs. It hardly even gets warm.

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    I am in the process of building a light flying wing, something similar to . I was thinking of using one Diatone 2A BEC to power the Naze 32 board (Patrik E firmware)+GPS+MinimOSD. I was thinking of using another Diatone 2A BEC to power the two 9g servos. For both of these cases the current should be significantly less than 2A, so it should in theory work. I just would really like to know if anyone has used the BECs to reliably power something similar, especially servos?

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    I have quite few Diatone tiny Becs, 5v and 12v ones. So far none of them failed, not even heating up. 2A ones usually are powering my FC and Rx, but on my last 150 miniquad build it powers everything- FC, Rx, cam and 600mw Vtx-
    Now this one is warming up a bit (nothing mad) and even by total gear mAh calculation I still don't reach 2A, seems like it's just about the limit what you can load it with. It's that gut feeling that tells you not to chance it by loading more on it
    Putting a separate one for 2x 9gr servos is definitely a good idea as one 9gr servo can draw ~750mAh.
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