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Thread: Best fpv racer drone options

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    Best fpv racer drone options

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase my first fpv racer drone. I'm still undecided whether goggles or a screen is best suited for me but I know I would like a drone with GPS to enable and auto return/landing if need be, brushless motors and a decent camera quality set up.

    Can anyone recommend the best options for me? My budget is flexible so I would like the best on the market for my needs really. I'm UK based so parts must also be easily accessible for me from here.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    The terms "FPV Racer", "GPS and "auto return/landing" do not usually go hand-in-hand.

    If you haven't flown a multi-rotor before then buy something cheap and cheerful (a $50 Chinese special) so that you can learn which thumb does what and you won't have to worry about breaking anything or hurting anyone.

    Once you're able to fly line of sight well enough to get bored, pick the toughest miniquad you can find and buy that.

    If you really want to race or fly fast proximity, forget about GPS and auto-land etc. Any "racing" quad that advertises these features is almost certainly just pretending to be a racing quad and in my experience, such machines tend to be fragile and proprietary. You're much better off geting something that's tough and uses off-the-shelf parts (such as ESCs, motors, flight controllers, etc) because it will be much cheaper to keep in the air.

    Not many people race with LCDs and I'd recommend that the bare minimum would be an FPV visor if you don't want to invest in proper PFV glasses.

    See if you can find a club or group in your area that races miniquads and get in touch with them. They'll show you what they're using and probably be a mine of useful information.

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    I've been "flying" the vortex 230 mojo on the liftoff simulator a lot. I've been destroying pixels for weeks as the reset button is cheaper than finding my scattered parts and putting them back together. And I'll +1 what xjet said about "FPV Racer" "GPS" "auto return / land" not going hand in hand. To take a quote directly from immersionrc's manual.

    "Congratulations on your purchase of one of the world’s finest ARF pure-bred freestyle/racing mini-quads. Aproduct designed by FPV pilots, for FPV pilots.
    Do not expect it to fly like a DJI Phantom™ . It does not have a return-to-home feature, no GPS, and it does
    not have stabilization features that will allow your little brother to fly it.
    Take it easy if you are new to the world of FPV racing, find an empty field for your first flight and get
    comfortable with flying the quad first before you hit that downtown bando.
    Acro mode is something that should be learned as soon as possible, flying any other mode is a bit like
    driving a Lamborghini around a parking-lot in reverse… not exactly what you bought the Lambo for."

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