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Thread: Skylark Dianmu OSD replacing STM32F103

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    Skylark Dianmu OSD replacing STM32F103

    I've got a cheap deal for Skylark Dianmu OSD with CPU knocked off.
    I've replaced CPU and now I have to flash something to it to get it working.
    I thought Firmware upgrade file Dianmu OSD V1.1[0816].bin would be enough but its size is 92Kb and that binary is NOT a dump of Flash memory of CPU.
    I suppose I need something like dump file that I could flash in bootloader mode to STM32F103.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    In other words:
    I need firmware to flash in STM32F103 in booltloader mode.
    I think it is possible to download FLASH content from STM32 from working board (but it must to do some PCB mods to be able switch to bootloader mode ).
    May somebody did such tricks with its Dianmu?

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    Please check your PM, thanks
    Skylark FPV Service Center

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    I've sent my e-mail in PM.
    Thank you.

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    Please check your email, we sent a firmware file to you
    If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us by email
    Skylark FPV Service Center

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    Got It.
    It's alive, alive!
    Thank you very much.
    Now I must deal with GPS module - it's detected but coldstarting a loooong time. Blue LED - 4 blinks per second. Red LED - 2 blinks per second.

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