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Thread: Antenna Tracker no GPS input data - Yellow led steady ON

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    Antenna Tracker no GPS input data - Yellow led steady ON

    Hello all, I wish to help someone that has, or will be approaching, the same problem.
    First of all I want to blame SkyLark assistance, inconsistant? Missing? I am absolutely insatisfied about it.
    I wrote a lot of emails about my problem, precisely describing it, I am a skilled electronic engineer, I informed them about that,
    but the only two emails received back were nonsense regarding the numerous informations I provided.
    The user manual is useless!!!! The pictures are not updated, the informations........ There are not informations!!!!
    Let's go with my problem.
    I am using an F550' HEX with all DJi catalog onboard.
    I bought the AAT convert module, the DJi adapter and obviously the Antenna Tracker.
    Also for the convert module there are no useful informations in the manual, it is missing the fundamental information: when the red led becoming to blink fast, the GPS has FIXED the position.
    I hooked up all correctly ( vtx 5.8Ghz, Black Pearl monitor with integrated RX ), audio cable from monitor to the Tracker, nothing, the Yellow led is always steady ON!!
    At this point I took my oscilloscope, removed the elctronic board from inside and started to make a lot of checks:
    audio distorted?
    Audio Jack longer that standard?
    GPS data not correct in input? ( I used also an external Adafruit gps module to check that )
    I then started to check the board connections, power line.. and!!!!!! Ohhh s..t!!!
    To be short, you MUST connect also the second 12V power, that is for the AV receiver, in order to make the Tracker "enable" the RX GPS data"!!!
    I don't know WHY this strange circuitry but, this FUNDAMENTAL information, is NOT documented in any manual NOR in their website.
    It's a shame!!
    The products are well built and runs flawlessy, I am very satisfied ;
    the price is ok but the assistance and manuals are poor!!
    Hope this helps and save some friends from having a headhache .

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    Sorry for this trouble.
    The AAT use two battery to avoid interference video signal
    The new manual and support system will be updated
    Thanks for your support
    Skylark FPV Service Center

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    Thanks Skylark.
    When your manuals will be at the same level of your products you will gain a lot more satisfied customers.

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