Hello Everyone

My name Is Wade Hirsch, founder of Future Hobbies.

I started my company way back in 2005 at the very dawn of FPV as we know it today. I caught the "aerial video bug" a few years earlier when I mounted a Draganfly Camera & 10mW Transmitter on my electric glider.
This was my first glimpse of the world from the cockpit of my RC Plane. It's pretty incredible how far technology has come since those early days.

In the beginning it was Future Hobbies and a small handful of others selling Aerial Video Gear.
We could be counted on one hand. Everyone mostly offered parts in those days and only the experienced technician had a clue how to make them work together. I recognized a need for a "Plug & Play" System that could be used minutes after taking it out of the box. The rest is history.

Also, Litle over a year ago I created a website called www.fpvtube.com for our community to upload & share all their FPV videos. It also has a robust marketplace for people to buy and sell FPV related products that functions in the same manner as Craigslist. And its absolutely free! Be sure to check it out.

I'm really honored to have my place on FPVLAB to reach out to customers.
Customer service is my mission, I promise all of you that. I'll keep my eye on this forum to make sure I assist all of you as best I can. Also feel free to contact me by email at wade@futurehobbies.com or by phone at 408.459.8433

Thank you all for the support over the many years and I look forward to making your FPV Experience an amazing one.

Happy FPV-ing and remember to keep your head in the clouds.


Wade H.