Introducing the XRay 225mm Tilt-Rotor FPV platform, the fastest forward acceleration, toughest, and easiest to fly FPV platform ever made. The XRay tilt-rotor exclusive flight control dynamics, provides an easy , fast and fun to fly FPV platform.The results of this are extreme fast forward acceleration, quick 180 degree turns, and even backward flight ( Yes it can actually fly backwards). All of this the easiest way possible thanks to our patent pending asymmetric thrust vectoring technology. With the XRay, you can really enjoy flying at any place, at any speed, while maintaining the camera pointing towards where you want to go. So get ready for some serious flying experience that only the XRay will be able to provide you.

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The XRay was completely designed from the ground up to be a durable high-performance tilt-rotor FPV platform. Move the radio sticks towards where you want to go, and our innovative control logics takes care of the rest. No more extreme camera angles on hovering, while going fast forward or even while flying backwards. The key to the XRay is what we call ‘Asymmetric Thrust Vectoring’. Through extensive testing we have discovered that by tilting the propellers asymmetrically we are able to optimize the benefits provided by motor tilting and achieve superior performance like not seen on other product before. We even made a XRay tilt control configurator that will allow you to control all of the flight characteristics to set it up to your flying control preference.

Here is the Flite-Test video

After working for more than 22 months and making sure that we could provide good flying characteristics, we have are now ready to start taking pre-order of this awesome FPV platform. You can order yours by clicking on this link:

Michael Maymi, Aimdroix LLC