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    LUX Help

    I just soldered up the LUX into my new build and am trying to get it connected to CF. I went to CF and was able to get the board flashed but I can't get the board to connect to CF.

    Every time I try to connect, it says, "no configuration received within 10 seconds, communication failed". The board has a solid blue light on and a white light that is flashing. Right when it plugs in, a red light flashes quickly then stops.

    What am I doing wrong? Does the flight pack need to be connected to have it connect to CF?

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate.

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    are you using the correct com port (top right of cleanflight/betaflight)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiggysk View Post
    are you using the correct com port (top right of cleanflight/betaflight)
    In the Com port drop-down menu, it gives COM1 or manual options. The manual option I have no idea how to use. It looks like I might not have the right driver installed. Funny, though, because I was able to get it flashed.

    I'm not a techie so I don't understand ports, drivers, etc. I tried downloading all of the downloads on the hardware section of the CF main page. Nothing seems to work.

    I'm a bit frustrated.
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