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Thread: QAV-R Build Questions

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    QAV-R Build Questions

    I ordered a QAV-R 4" 180mm frame because I have a set of eMax RS2205 2600kv motors. I will be using the TBS Powercube for FC and ESC's. The QAV-R frame that was shipped to me ended up being the 5" 210mm frame. I didn't notice it until after I put the frame together so I can't return it at this point plus I got the frame for 50% off and now am leaning towards building a 210mm since I already have a 180mm QAV-R. My question is can I use the eMax RS2205 2600kv motors on the 5"/210mm with 5" props? I have read the spec's and it mainly looks like these motors are for 4" props but i have also seen some who are using it with 5" props. I like to use tri-blade props mainly and 1300 4S 45 or 75c LiPo batteries so do you think 5X4X3 props with these motors will draw to many amps for both the ESC's and LiPo battery? What size 5" prop would you possibly recommend? Does anybody use 4" props on a 5" frame? OR should I just try to sell these motors and get a new set of motors for the 5"/210mm frame OR I guess I could also just order a set of 4" arms and build another 180mm and keep the 5" arms for a future build...Thanks for any advise

    UPDATE: Decided to order a set of 4" arms for now and keep the 5" arms for a possible build where I can just swap out the 4" for 5" arms with different motors.
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