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Thread: LUX FC SBUS and data flash weirdness

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    Question LUX FC SBUS and data flash weirdness


    ive just gotten a new LUX FC and set it up as follows:

    - jumpered SRX for SBUS
    - jumpered 5V
    - installed VCP drivers
    - connected FC to the PC directly and bootloader mode, to verify the drivers in both modes
    - used zadig to install winusb drivers
    - flashed the latest stable cleanflight firmware
    > the first oddity here, when connecting with cleanflight, it displays the LUX board version to be 0 (in the CF log) and where it usually displays the data flash capacity, it says "no data flash" (thinking.. maybe i read the specs wrong)

    - connected the RX to the RX as well as 5V/G ports
    - setup serial RX (tried all UARTs in the end) and configured SBUS in cleanflight
    > where i get the only vague hint from cleanflight, the log displays "unrecoverable failure with serial connection, disconnecting.." every time i save/reboot

    - but since it seemed like it still saved the changes, i figured lets verify if the control inputs arrive at the FC at all (RX bound successfully)
    > this is where it gets really strange: i moved one of the transmitter sticks and the FC suddenly disconnects from cleanflight and changes to boot loader mode (without touching the button at all) and wont properly respond until i reconnect it

    i also tried betaflight, which yields the exact same results as cleanflight

    any one ever had a similar situation or a clue what the issue could be? or will i have to resort to RMA?

    thank you guys!
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