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Thread: Help/Advise on a FPV dedicated platform.

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    Help/Advise on a FPV dedicated platform.

    Hello to everyone,
    I have started a new project evolving a FPV dedicated platform to use on a QAV-400. What I want is a self contained setup to use as a ride along mounted on my QAV400. This will be used to allow others who have never experienced FPV the ability to see first hand what a aerial view looks like. My goal is to use the full abilities of the FatShark Dominator's with the Trinity head tracker connected to a FatShark PTR camera platform.
    My 8 channel Futaba is maxed out with the Naza gear so I'm unable to utilize it for head tracking. What I think i need is a dedicated radio/receiver setup just for the FatShark HT to control the PTR. Unless someone can offer a different approach.
    I'm considering theFrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2.4GHz ACCST Radio & X8R Combo from GetFpv . This radio would only be used for the head tracking abilities. Ideally a lower cost solution would be available.

    This is what I currently have on hand. (The quad is not yet constructed because I want to wait till I have everything I need to get a good clean layout.)

    Lumenier QAV400-G10-kit QuadcopterDJI Frame Kit with G10 Arms

    FX2216-9 1100kv motors
    V2 Lumenier 30 amp ESC w/ SimonKAutoShot Firmware
    DJI Naza M V2 Flight Controller newest version 2.0 with GPS All-in-one Design

    iOSD Mini On-Screen Display for Real-Time Flight Information (Black)

    Futaba 8JA 8-Channel 2.4GHz S-FHSS Air Radio Transmitter Mode 2 with R2008SB Receiver

    FatShark NexWave RF Dominator 5G8 5.8GHz 32CH Race Band Receiver RX Module FSV2442

    FatShark 5.8ghz 250mW A/V Transmitter

    ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antenna Set (RP-SMA Connector)

    Dominator HD V2 Headset, w/Fan Equipped Faceplate

    Fat Shark 3-Axis RC Trinity Head Tracking Module with Cables FSV2413

    Fat Shark 900TVL CCD FPV Camera (NTSC)

    FatShark Pan/Tilt/Roll Camera Mount + Servos

    Any advise on the best way to approach this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The easiest solution is to just forgo the pan/tilt and let them ride along on the pilot feed.

    If you are set on having a separate on board system then you have a few options as you have already stated. Here are a couple things to consider though

    1. Whatever gear you add... make sure you consider the effects, for instance if you add Frsky (w/telemetry) it will cause issues with your Futaba receiver (transmitting telemetry on 2.4 next to your Futaba 2.4 receiver).

    2. Have you considered a long range radio?
    - This opens up a host of options... most notably is that you can have one servo output be PPM to the flight controller and then assign other PWM outputs to the remaining servo outputs.
    When nothing else out there will suit your needs... design and build it yourself.

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    Have you considered a long range radio
    So if i also bought a EZUhf to install on the Frsky perhaps?

    The reason I can't use a pilot feed is because they would not be in close proximity to me. The people in reference are from a nursing home, many are confined to wheelchairs and hospital beds. They have access to a patio area but I would have to be away from the building in order to fly safely. Being tethered to the Goggles is not a option.
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