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Thread: Z1 and other hotwired cut kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritewing View Post
    Ya we will make a stackable and a side by side for the ZXL.
    This will allow for you to change the capture cam to what ever one you want.
    John when standing behind the plane is the view blocked o the rite or left or both?
    It’s blocked on the bottom left and bottom right. I’ll post a vid when I get home. It’s minor but in the frame

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    Hello! Here is mine "Indian" Z2.5 with 8s 3kW setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NinjaFox View Post
    Hello! Here is mine "Indian" Z2.5 with 8s 3kW setup.

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    Wow. What motor and prop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rfriedman View Post
    Wow. What motor and prop?
    MAD Components CRIMSON 635kv, CASTLE ICE 100A ESC, Aeronaut 10x12 prop.

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    Sorry, now screw 11*7. That's what happened to the last one.

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