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Thread: HELP, Why I can`t use channel 9+

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    HELP, Why I can`t use channel 9+

    Hi to everyone.

    I`m trying to use output 5 and 6 in a dragon mini receiver. I`m using right now output 7 with s.bus to connect to a Vector and output 8 for RSSI analog signal so I want to connect a pan & tilt servos to Rx output 6 and 7 mapped with channel 8 and 9 in the Rx and in the Tx Futaba 14SG.

    Only works channel 8 trough output number 5, channel 9 and above trough output 6 didn't work. What I`m doing wrong?

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    I could fix this issue with Mike`s help. In the futaba 14sg transmitter you must enter in the trainer menu and select 14 ch instead 8 ch. As simple as that. Shame on me.

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