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Thread: Pagoda: Newest, best free design for FPV antenna, Circular polarized, omni and bett

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    I've made a bunch of these for buddies using a similar jig. I can't say they're perfect as anything made by hand requiring precision can be difficult, but so far they do work great. I do end up with one every now and then that just doesn't work well. Noticeably poorer performance. I just chalk it up to misalignment or poor soldering. However, for the cost I just junk them. I really would like to see more refinement of this type of antenna, if possible as they do work fantastic and are so cheap to produce.

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    I also found these antennas to perform very well when compared to another popular FPV antenna

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonic_boom View Post
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    Also, the tripplegodda may be an apr 1 joke, I'm not sure about that. But c'mon you have to admit... $1 original Pagoda with possibly the best axial rejection of any flying design is a big deal.

    Yah, it was totally an Apr 1 joke...

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    Here's how I stack 2 of the pagoda patches with cheap coaxial to achieve pretty similar results like an expensive MiniCircuits 2way splitter:

    link to 3d-printed bezel for the stacked array

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    Next Generation Pagoda

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I tried placing 5.8g microstrip patches in the same hexagon arrangement within the Array Analyzer App and here's how the 3d pattern looks like:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It has such a wide beam for 16db (in my app). In the original specs, the stated gain (by Maarten Baert) is 14db.
    Still, the 14db iRC Spironet big patch (a quadruple array) does not have a beam this wide.
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    Old vs New Showdown

    I found it interesting that this Spiral Antenna RHCP design was invented in 1956! It has an ultra wide band, 3ghz to 6.5ghz. Hence we can use it for FPV (3.3/ 5.8 FPV), 5.2ghz WiFi and 5G telco network(3.4ghz). The actual PCB version of the spiral is manufactured in 2019 and I picked up one for under 11usd on AliExpress. Then I put this 1956ís RHCP design up against the 2017ís Pagoda design in a realworld FPV flight
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