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Thread: Tale of Fail. Launching (not!) a Skywalker at high altitude.

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    Angry Tale of Fail. Launching (not!) a Skywalker at high altitude.

    Preparing for a trip to northern New Mexico a month or two ago, I got the idea to build a plane that would break down for airline travel and allow me to fly from my destination to the top of a mountain about 6km away. So I ordered a Skywalker 1800 (2014) from fpvmodel.com and set to work. I barely had time to maiden the plane before I left Tennessee (close to sea level). Although hand launching was harder than with the flying wings I'm used to, I got it into the air on the first try.

    My destination and eventual launch point was at 8150 feet (2,480 meters). I knew that launching would be harder, but I didn't realize how much harder. Running 4S with a 3542 800kv motor and a 12x6 prop I was only able to get the plane into the air one time out of about 6 attempts. Each of the other attempts resulted in a crash, damage, and repairs. I was never able to do more than an LOS shakedown flight before having to admit defeat and head back across the USA. I have some unfinished business with that mountain!

    Here's a short video of the one successful launch...


    Do I just need to improve my technique? (OK, I definitely need practice) But, should I use a bungee launcher next time?

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    The density altitude is so high the plane has to fly much faster to generate enough lift to keep flying. Probably faster than you can throw it. Tossing off a hillside would work. A minimal bungee would be the best bet and you'd pretty much be guaranteed a decent launch. Also, at that altitude you probably want the plane as light as you can make it.

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    Decreasing weight
    Using a high pitch prop
    And a faster launch
    Is needed

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    Too much elevator throw. Too much weight. It shouldn't be an issue with that power setup. My 5.2lb skywalker equivalent on 4s 10*6 launches at 10k feet.

    Try a few more steps before you throw, or add some flaps.

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