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Thread: (Flash Sale) Gearbest fant4stic fall sale (SEP 13-17)

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    (Flash Sale) Gearbest fant4stic fall sale (SEP 13-17)

    Good news,
    BEGINS NEW PROMO.. "Fantanstic fall" up to 70 % discount!
    New Promo link:

    Fantastic Fall! These days you can't just get drones, there are also many more articles..
    If you're thinking of doing a gift, do you want to update you on something, would you like to make you with your first rc or any other excuse you have.. this might be a good opportunity

    The promo starts September 12 at 9:00 UTC
    Discounts of up to 70 % - free stuff sharing, discounts just for log in , etc..

    Calm down! Even these in time.. There's still half a day to prepare and choose good products, many of them are coming out of $ 0.01 and I'm sure you will be the first to fly..

    Link for Log in or Register for discounts:

    Here are some examples, but... definitely better than put your one eye, because there are hundreds of things..


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    you have nothing better to do than copy and paste my threads?

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