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Thread: Choices choices choices... Which one to buy

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    Choices choices choices... Which one to buy

    So now that I had the vortex pro, and got to fly it for a couple of weeks, I really loved it. However, since it decided to take a flight to the unknown, and i've yet to find it, I need to replace it. So........ I'm looking at the Vortex 250 pro (regular or ummagawd eddition), or I've also been checking out the TBS Vendetta. I've read up on it quite a bit, and it seems very impressive. Input?

    Thanks. Pat

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    I don't have an experience with them but these look pretty awesome --

    If I was looking for a racing ARF, that would be darn high on my list of possibilities.

    Ken K. (learn2turn)
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    I really like the look of the Vortex

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