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Thread: GearBest Official New Arrivals (Continually update)

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    GearBest Official New Arrivals (Continually update)

    New arrivals on the latest radio control drones and helicopters.

    Trending Toys & Hobbies, Products Launch here, and every brand and product has been carefully selected to ensure its quality and craftsmanship.

    Coupon: RC18OFF (For all RC related product, each account can only used once)

    RC related product Including:

    RC Quadcopters:

    RC Quadcopter Parts:

    Multi Rotor Parts:

    FPV System:

    RC Helicopters:

    RC Helicopter Parts:

    RC Boats:

    RC Boat Parts:

    RC Cars:

    RC Car Parts:

    RC Airplanes:

    RC Airplane Parts:

    RC Robot:

    Other RC Toys:
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    Very tinny! A good price come my home....

    Enviado desde mi HUAWEI GRA-L09 mediante Tapatalk

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    1. Walkera AIRBOT APP Virtual WiFi FPV Quadcopter- PINK


    Using Walkera AIRBOT drone with the specially designed VR APP you even can set funny racing track as your will.

    Main Features:

    Design:AIRBOT drone is very agile with good capabilities, allowing you to win multicopter competitions with ease

    Dual GPS Navigation System

    Two Game Mode

    Three Game Way

    With 16MP HD Camera

    DEVO F8 Transmitter

    VR Function Can be Achieved

    More details:

    2. Floureon QX80 80mm Mini RC Quadcopter Frame Kit - BNF - COLORMIX


    About the same size of your fist, it is an elf which can fly indoors.

    Therefore, you can pilot the quadcopter at home and enjoy yourself with your family whenever you like.

    You can also observe what your home looks like from the FPV.

    What a great exploration might that be!

    Main Features:

    Based on F3 EVO, it features high-current MOS output.

    The frame is made of the most sought-after carbon fiber, which contributes to fascinating takeoff weight (including the battery) of 55g.

    A remote control and a receiver are what you need only to get started at once.


    This is the BNF version that comes without receiver and remote control.

    More details :

    3. Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Racing RC Quadcopter - BNF - YELLOW


    You can hop to catch up with your fellows by grabbing this opportunity!

    The Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Professional Racing RC Quadcopter, which boasts a super high speed of 230km/h, has been invented by Ideafly, Flycolor and Gearbest,

    and intended for those who want to participate in the professional race.

    We have researched for 6 months, revised the structural drawing for 5 times and made 10 samples to finalize the grasshopper design, for which we have already got an appearance patent.

    We have also involved HMM, the professional racer who has taken part in international competitions, to set the parameters and modify the design.

    Therefore, the much more thrilling flight is capable of meeting the professionals' strict requirements.

    Main Features:

    It can provide thrilling a racing experience that you are looking for. Faster than any other copter, it is an incredible frontrunner.

    Made of sturdy and durable carbon fiber, the upper board is 1.2mm thick, while the thickness of the arms and the board beneath them is 3.5mm.

    F3 10DOF flight controller with barometer and compass, which delivers you fantastic flight experience thanks to its next-generation CPU, no-compromise I/O, developer-friendly GUI, and compatibility with Oneshot.

    With imported bearings processed through CNC and 100% dynamic balance, each of them can generate a thrust of up to 1,000g.

    The ultralight Flycolor RAPTOR 390 BLHeli 2 - 4S 30A OPTO ESCs incorporate the most state-of-the-art MOS and 3-in-1 IC chip, which enable them to respond in no time.

    It supports setting parameters via BLheli software directly by connecting the F3 flight controller. You can set the parameters of 4 ESCs at the same time.

    The brightness of the headlight varies according to the accelerator. The headlight flashes constantly, thus you can easily know how fast your copter will fly by glancing at the light.

    More details:

    4. GB104 X4 5.8G FPV Micro RC Quadcopter - BNF- COLORMIX


    Fire Micro FPV RC Quadcopter is ultra compact and compatible with the DSM2 remote control system and universal 5.8GHz FPV receiving system.

    Most of the installation and debugging have already been completed. The only thing you need to do is binding it with your own DSM2 remote control.

    In addition, the CleanFlight firmware can always be updated.

    Main Features:

    Binding it with your DSM2 remote control before the flight is the only thing you need to do.

    The adjustable camera angle(5, 25 and 45 degrees) suits different needs.

    Along with 170-degree wide angle and CCD, the camera provides you with satisfying FPV during each flight.

    The premium carbon fiber frame is extremely tough and light.

    Additionally, other compact electronic components are also helpful to maximize the load and extend the flight time.

    More details :

    5. Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone - Advanced Version

    Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone - Advanced Version, this advanced version is a very great quadcopter with a great price.

    The Fail-safe Mode:

    The drone will enter into the fail-safe mode when the connection is lost from the transmitter.

    The flight control system will control the quadcopter to return to the home point and land automatically.

    The fail-safe mode helps to avoid further injuries or damages.

    The biggest difference between Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone and it's Advanced Version is the Transmitter.

    The Advanced Version contains a 5.8G real-time transmission with 3.7 inches LCD touch-screen, which has better operating performance than Standard version.

    So what do you think of this advanced version? Are you interested in it? Or you still like the standard version over this one?

    More ditals:

    6. JJRC JJPRO X1G RC Quadcopter - RTF - RED WITH BLACK


    Have a superior control of your drone if you have entered into the advanced level!

    The JJRC JJPRO X1G RC Quadcopter features variable acceleration when idling and triple rate switch, which are dedicated to making your flight more exciting.

    You are also able to enjoy a fascinating real-time FPV thanks to the 2.0MP camera and the transmission frequency of 5.8GHz.

    Main Features:

    This is a quadcopter whose acceleration can vary from 80 to 100 percent when idling.

    Therefore, it is always ready to take off and fly at a high speed. Set up the idle speed you want!

    The triple rate switch facilitates your control of the copter because it decides how much a servo deflects.

    Choose the default mode when you want to slow down or relax;

    the comfortable flight mode when you want a medium directional response;

    the fast flight mode when you crave for the thrill.

    The fast transmission frequency, 5.8GHz, makes the real-time image a matter of course on the FPV monitor.

    Combined with the 2.0MP camera, it presents you amazingly vivid details. Appreciate the aesthetic first person view!

    The elimination of those special functions, such as One Key Return, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold Mode etc., makes the way for a great progress in piloting the drone.

    Senior players aim high and advance further without dependence.

    It allows you to play to your heart's content by offering you a 15-minute flight each time, thanks to its great battery capacity of 1300mAh.聽

    After landing and starting idling, it powers off by itself in 6 seconds without moving the joysticks.

    Apart from that, various protective functions, including low voltage alert, blade protection and fall protection, contribute to the safety of the drone and its user.

    More details:

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    LT105 105mm Mini Brushed RC Quadcopter - ARF - BLACK


    The 105mm quadcopter is based on F3 brushed flight controller, which offers you fascinating manual operation. It is flexible in supporting DSM2 and DSMX transmitter and allowing for refits.

    Main Features:

    - Amazing manual control

    The moment you get the control of the drone, you'd be impressed by the excellent performance of its F3 brushed flight controller.

    - Compact and lightweight

    The 105mm premium carbon fiber frame and the application of coreless motors contribute to the agility of the drone.

    While the integration of 520TVL FPV camera, 32-channel transmitter module, and 5.8G antenna facilitates the installation process for future use.

    - Great flexibility

    The quadcopter is compatible with DSM2 / DSMX remote control. More importantly, the flight controller supports 2S power supply, which provides great refit possibility.


    Motor diameter: 8.5mm

    Motor height: 20mm

    Output shaft diameter: 1.0mm

    Output shaft length: 5mm

    Weight: 5g

    Voltage: 3 - 5V

    Current: 0.15A

    RPM: 35000-37000 ( 3V ), 50000 ( 5V )

    Propeller length: 60mm

    More detals:
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    KingKong RACE 230 FPV Racing Drone - PNP

    KingKong RACE 230 FPV Racing Drone - PNP

    5.8G 700TVL CCD / BLHeli 20A ESC / Micro F3 Flight Controller

    Main Features:

    - Most sought-after 3K full carbon fiber frame, light and sturdy, making the drone highly maneuverable

    - Fast flying speed with the 2205 2300KV brushless motor, 20A ESC, reinforced 5045 three-blade propeller

    - Superior FPV with 700TVL CCD camera ( adjustable angle ) and 5.8G 600mW real-time long-distance image transmission


    Flight controller: micro F3

    Brushless motor: 2205 2300KV 2 - 4S

    Brushless ESC: BLHeli 20A 2 - 4S

    Camera: 700TVL CCD

    Video transmitter: 5.8G 600mW

    Propeller: 5045 three-blade

    Difference between PNP and RTF:

    PNP: without transmitter, receiver, balance charger, or battery

    RTF: with FS - i6S transmitter, FS - iA6 receiver, E4 20W balance charger and 1300mAh 14.8V 4S LiPo
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    TFL HOBBY 1106 - 2A Pursuit RC Racing Boat - ARR

    1. TFL HOBBY 1106 - 2A Pursuit RC Racing Boat - ARR

    60km/h / Glass Fiber Hull / 3660 1620KV Water-cooled Motor


    Main Features:

    - 60km/h and low resistance thanks to the streamlined deep "V" hull

    - 3660 1620 brushless motor with 90 percent super high efficiency

    - New waterproof cabin with perfect water seal and easy access

    - New copper plating flex shaft and shaft sleeve make transmission more smoothly

    - Excellent CNC machined aluminum alloy rudder offers sharp handling and durability

    - High-quality, prepainted glass fiber composite hull and canopy


    Max speed: about 60km/h

    Propeller: 2-blade copper propeller

    Brushless motor: 3660 1620KV water-cooled

    Brushless ESC: 125A

    Servo: S3003 6kg torque

    Recommended Parts ( not included ):

    Radio control system: FS - GT2E, FS - GT3B

    Battery power: 14.8V 4400mAh 20C LiPo

    Note: The wooden mount under the boat is not included.

    2. Gold Model 5.8G 150-channel OTG FPV Receiver Engine

    with Signal Strength OSD for Smartphone Tablet


    Connect this OTG FPV receiver to your smartphone, tablet or AV monitor, you will be able to receive the image from your aerial camera.

    It also has an OSD function for you to know the signal strength concurrently.

    Main Features:

    - 150-channel ultra wide coverage in 5.8G

    - OSD function enables you to know the real-time flight status

    - One-key operation. Easy to adjust the signal value and input power

    - CNC machined aluminum alloy case, durable and good for heat dissipation


    Frequency: 5.8G

    Channels: 150

    Interface: micro USB type-B, RP-SMA female

    Antenna interface: RP-SMA male

    Cable length: 22cm

    App name: Go FPV

    Download: Google Play

    System requirement: Android 4.3 or above, Windows 7 / 10

    3. HGLRC BS28A BLHeli - S 28A ESC

    DShot Support / EFM8BB2 48MHz Compatible with 2 - 5S LiPo for FPV Racing Drones


    Main Features:

    - High-performance EFM8BB21 50MHz MCU

    - BLHeli - S does Damped Light, i.e., regenerating braking

    - Firmware upgradable via signal wire

    - Supports motors with super high KV ( it can handle up to 500k eRPM )

    - Reliable digital signals including DShot600, DShot300, DShot150

    - Small and light, only 26 x 14.6 x 1.6mm, 2.2g


    MCU: EFM8BB21

    Continuous current: 28A

    Burst current: 40A ( 10 seconds )

    Voltage input: 2 - 5S LiPo

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    Aurora RC JHF3 V1.0 F3 Brushed Flight Controller

    Aurora RC JHF3 V1.0 F3 Brushed Flight Controller

    Integrated FrSky 8CH Receiver / OSD / Buzzer


    STM32F303CCT6 32-bit MCU

    MPU6000 gyro / accelerometer

    Integrated FrSky D8 receiver

    Comes with a buzzer

    Supports SBUS signal output

    Power supply: 4.2V ( 1S )

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    Aurora RC Omnibus F3 Brushless Flight Controller

    Aurora RC Omnibus F3 Brushless Flight Controller

    Integrated OSD Compatible with 2 - 3S LiPo

    Main Features:

    STM32F303CCT6 32-bit MCU

    MPU6000 gyro / accelerometer

    Power supply: 2 - 3S LiPo

    BEC: 5V 500mA

    Programmable LED board

    Supports ESC configuration via BLHeli Suite

    Built-in voltage tester and alarm


    Dimension: 27 x 27mm

    Mounting hole spacing: 20mm

    Firmware: BetaFlight 3.0.1 OMNIBUS ( can be driven by DShot ESC )

    Compatible Receivers:

    Spektrum 1024 / 2048, SBUS, XBUS, SumD and SumH receivers

    3.3V Spektrum satellite receivers

    PPM receivers


    If you want to connect it with the SBUS or DSM receiver, please use RX3 as the input port.

    Please ensure 3.3V voltage input for your DSM satellite receiver;

    or 5V voltage input for SBUS or PPM receiver.

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    WLtoys Q383 - A Mini RC Hexacopter - RTF

    WLtoys Q383 - A Mini RC Hexacopter - RTF

    5.8G FPV 720P HD / Headless Mode / One Key Return

    Barely bigger than your hand, WLtoys Q383 series hexacopter has an HD camera that put your eyes in the sky.

    Intended for beginners, it features an omnidirectional protective frame, Headless Mode, and One Key Return.

    Moreover, its two extra motors give you the desirable speed and safety.

    You would love to take it to any outdoor activity and spread the excitement among your friends.

    Three Different Versions:

    Q383 - A: 5.8G FPV version, with FPV monitor and USB charging cable for it

    Q383 - B: WiFi FPV version, with mobile phone holder

    Q383 - C: standard version without image transmission function

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    QX90 90mm FPV Racing Drone - BNF

    QX90 90mm FPV Racing Drone - BNF

    5.8G 520TVL / F3 EVO Brushed Flight Controller / 8520 Coreless Motor

    Main Features:

    - Lightweight 3K full carbon fiber frame integrated with PCB. "X" configuration, excellent maneuverability

    - 5.8G real-time image transmission, 32-channel coverage, 250m effective FPV distance in open air

    - Integration of 520TVL 120-degree camera, 5.8G 32CH 25mW video transmitter and 3dBi antenna

    - Thrilling flying experience with 32-bit F3 flight controller and 8520 high RPM coreless motor

    - CleanFlight pre-loaded, BetaFlight support. Parameters adjustable via CleanFlight Configurator


    Wheelbase: 90mm

    Chassis thickness: 1.5mm

    Video transmitter: 5.8G 32CH 25mW

    Antenna: 3dBi cloverleaf antenna

    Image transmission distance: 250m (in open air)

    Camera: 520TVL 120-degree FOV

    Motor: 8520 coreless

    Flight controller: QX90 F3 EVO

    MCU: STM32F303CCT6 32-bit processor

    MPU: MPU6500 gyro / accelerometer

    Battery: 600mAh 3.7V 25C LiPo (included)

    Propeller: 56mm
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