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Thread: How to tune quad to keep perfect LEVEL on betaflight?

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    Lightbulb How to tune quad to keep perfect LEVEL on betaflight?

    Got an X 240mm frame quad with betaflight 2.8.1 on emax skyline NAZE32, Oneshot ESCs.
    I fly in level and i don't know what is the deal.
    Sometime it takes off straight and hovers straight above and then it would start taking off and pulling to a side etc.
    I got similar thing going on on a 130 quad.. It's happening in a room wind

    How am I supposed to make sure that it's always hovering straight w/o leaning to the sides?

    Any advise on what has to be 100% in check or this is not possible by design?


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    No quad will sit in one spot for long without some form of position holding hardware. That being said, an accelerometer usually drifts due to vibration. Make sure all your rotating mass is balanced. Also make sure the cg is at the center of thrust.
    Also, betaflight is not geared towards self leveling. Perhaps Cleanflight might do a better job.

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    You need to calibrate the accelerometer when the quad is absolutely flat. Make a small landing pad with a few bubble levels attached to use to calibrate it. Also use it for plugging in the battery each time and you should be good. Also make sure your quad sits level.

    if your worried about it you probably want to make sure your center of gravity is centered so the motors are efficient as possibles

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    Yep, the accelerometer can drift badly with too much vibration. I fly Arco mode FPV but do have an Artificial horizon displayed in the OSD
    (MWOSD). It is very common to see the artificial horizon way off level.
    It can also drift with temperature changes.

    There are LEVEL PIDs that you can tune which should help but there is not much info on how to tune these so you'll just needed to try values to see how they affect level holding.

    If you learn to fly Arco mode and have the copter tuned well then it can hover level quite well without using the accelerometer.
    All of my ACRO only quads can hover in place for at least 10 seconds.
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