I just got a vortex 250 and had immediate issues with it our of the box....initial spectrum rx was bad, no orange LED after power up. Horizon sent a new one for free which was great and I was able to successfully bind to spectrum DX6i to start the wizard. Then I ran into more issues...the wizard asks for yaw left and roll left inputs but would only accept yaw right and roll right inputs from my sticks before moving on. Even after completing the wizard I still couldnít arm. Got into some threads and tried to change some ports and channel map in clean flight as suggested with no luck. Right in the middle of that trouble shoot, my vortex started saying it canít detect the rx...again! Did i burn it out some how? If there a way to get the receiver back on through clean flight? I chalked a lot of this up to my inexperience but at this point Iím $1.2k in, through two rxs, and I havenít even been able to fly yet. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.