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Thread: Mixing Lumenier ESCS

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    Question Mixing Lumenier ESCS


    I crashed my QAV400 last week and one of my Lumenier 30A Autoshot SimonK ESC stopped working. My local store sells only Lumenier 30A F390 BLHeli OPTO - Can I use 1x F390 and 1xSimonK on my quad without negative side effects or anything worse?

    Thank you

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    Hello Curthbert,

    This is a good question.

    We do not recommend doing this because the two different escs will have different firmware and will perform differently. The end result would be a not so smooth flight and you could experience some drifting in different directions.

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    Thank you for your reply Aquasean.

    If my 3 simonk esc are flashed to latest bheli firmware (or same firmware like f390), is it still a problem?

    Thank you again

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