Ill start with my computer specs first and then Ill go into issues. I really would appreciate any help, some of the stuff I google almost applies but just kinda doesn't.

PC Windows 10
Cleanflight version 1.2.2

Macbook Air I think the OS is called Lion
Same version of clean flight

Ive been having trouble with clean flight connection to my TBS powercube.

MY PC had some nasty virus so I had to wipe everything on it and start over, as a result I dont think I have the right driver for my computer to recognize the USB that's going into the Powercube.

And on my Macbook Air
I'm suffering a lot of connection issues, for example, I time out a lot while trying to connect to the board, also for some reason clean flight says its "offline" but only on my mac, not my PC. Im fairly positive at some point I was able to install the most updated and stable version of Coligi for my Powercube. but after I was successful my mac started not letting me connect.

Its a humbling experience when everything is built but the only thing stopping you from flying is connecting to a computer.

Would really appreciate a step in the right direction! Thanks all!