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Thread: Was there ever a solution to the Dom V2's going to B&W for a brief second?

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    Was there ever a solution to the Dom V2's going to B&W for a brief second?

    I'm not sure if the issue existed much beyond the Dom V2. I have heard the issue on the Dom HD2's. Basically when certain color combinations are received by the goggles the screen will blank out briefly. It has zero to do with the camera settings. It might be due to video ohm not being 75ohms on the goggles but not entirely sure.

    I even bought the new DVR under the impression it might fix it but sadly it did not.

    Happens with internal and external receivers.

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    I'm going to assume there never was an actual fix for this...It seems to be slowly getting worse and worse and it's now affecting racing.

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    Sorry for oppening this old thread, but I haven't found much info about this issue. I have the Dom v2 with the same problem. At the first time it was only a bit, but litle by litle it happens constantly when the video signal is a bit low. Now I have an HDv3 with this issue but only sometimes.

    Do anyone know how to solve it?


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    I just bought some HD3s a few days ago and min has color with some cameras and black and white on others. Randomly the color will come back to. I also have another set of goggles that display the same cameras perfect. I guess there broken and I should send them back huh?

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