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Thread: UPDATED How to flash your Vortex and issues READ THIS FIRST!!!!

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    UPDATED How to flash your Vortex and issues READ THIS FIRST!!!!

    Install the vortex-configurator chrome application https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...ihdojjdjphdeog and install the drivers .

    Always use the the firmware package downloaded from the immersionrc website for your version of the vortex. Our firmware packages always come with both FC and OSD firmware. They are a pair and need to flashed together.

    To flash the latest fimware version to your vortex you need to use vortex configurator, then proceed as follows:

    • ​Plug USB
    • Plug USB OFF and On again
    • Plug LiPo
    • Wait 10 seconds
    • Start vortex configurator
    • Select right COM port
    • Click flash firmware
    • Select osd firmware you previously downloaded
    • Flashing will start
    • Disconnect usb and powercycle the qaud
    • Plug in usb again
    • Click flash firmware
    • Select the dowloaded betaflight version
    • Flashing will start
    • If you get an "STM32 - timed out, programming: FAILED" error that's not an issue. It happens a lot but your quad will still be flashed to the latest version
    • Power cycle the quad, run the txwizzard and finish it
    • Power cycle again
    • Now you can connect it to betaflight configurator to setup your switches and other options you want.

    Happy flying
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